Alphabet Mastery

The initial steps involved in all Davis programs is to set individual goals, determine the Perceptual Ability of the client and to schedule an intensive study week.  All programs begin with the introduction of the 'Davis Tools'.  The tools are then practiced intensely over the duration of the week.  The Alphabet Mastery is the first exercise with clay in all programs after receiving our ‘Davis tools”. We are taught the alphabet by song when we are very little, often before starting school. The alphabet is taught by rote learning and sometimes this can cause confusion with the order of the letters, letter reversals and also sounds. The mastery process is designed to recognise any triggers caused by the symbols of both the upper case and lower case alphabet.  We focus on actually learning the alphabet - the song is no longer required. This exercise not only de-triggers any confusion with letters but is also a great exercise to learn how to use the new ‘tools’. The photo below makes the process look rather easy but you would be surprised on how many 'old solutions' you use when tackling the alphabet.  Thank you to the wonderful Gus (12) for consenting to use this photo.  Linda Alexander.



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