Meet Linda



My name is Linda Alexander, I am a licensed Davis Facilitator. I have worked with the Davis Dyslexia Program for years, and with my experience I run a 1-on-1 service that helps my customers take control of their reading, learning and numerical abilities in one single week.


Linda Alexander

"I have a passion to help those with learning disabilities like dyslexia"

I first read The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D Davis in 2009. A family member recommended the program to me, as my son was struggling at school. I had been seeking advice from many professionals but from the moment I started reading the book, I was in tears. I felt like I had finally found the answer.

My son completed the Davis program with a facilitator based in Sydney – the changes were dramatic! He was writing pages of words as opposed to a small paragraph. His self esteem rose and he was happy.

I decided to continue my studies to not only help my own children but to help other intelligent individuals unlock their potential to learn.


Today I am the only Davis Facilitator on the Gold Coast, and my goal is to take this method to all those who need it so that they too can enjoy the activities that were once a burden.



I offer training for people with dyslexia, ADHD, learning difficulties and any other reasons that do not allow them to read, learn or count with ease. I cater for children and their parents, adults and people of all ages.

We operate the Davis Dyslexia Program, which was founded by Ron Davis back in 1982. Davis himself was dyslexic and was looking for a way to help people who had the same difficulties as him. He ended up overcoming his own severe dyslexia at the age of 38, opening the door to enjoying books without struggling for the first time in his life. Based on his success, Ron Davies opened a research facility in 1982 where he introduced his method and perfected it for children and adults.


I love being a Davis Facilitator and I look forward to working with you. I aim to help you solve the puzzle of learning and give you the tools, so that you too can read, write and focus with ease.


You could be on the brink of a major life changing event

Don't let perceived disadvantages hold you or your children back any longer and contact me today.