The Davis Dyslexia Correction Method

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Method is formed around the belief that dyslexia is actually an inherent mental advantage that has been misunderstood and has been mistakenly categorised as a disadvantage.

At Easeful Learning we strongly follow this belief as it closely matches our own experiences in the real world, helping people who have a lifetime of being stigmatised as "disadvantaged".

We don't believe you are disadvantaged, you have simply not been shown correctly how to use your innate talents, due to a society that has yet to understand dyslexia and associated conditions.

We believe that the Davis Dyslexia method is the best way forward for dyslexics and their families to shed old ways that are holding them back and to step forward into a new, more promising future.

We created Easeful Learning to be the most comforting and easy way to implement the Davis method.

Talented dyslexic girl

The program runs for one week, during which you will receive 1-on-1 mentoring in a relaxed environment to assist you in permanently overcoming the challenges that have been preventing you from reading, learning or working with numbers properly.

Davis Dyslexia Correction® provides tools to overcome problems with reading, writing, and attention focus. The methods enable children and adults to recognize and control the mental processes that cause distorted perceptions of letters and words. Once students can be sure that their perceptions are accurate, they can resolve the underlying cause of their learning difficulties through methods that build upon their creative and imaginative strengths.

Why the Davis Method?

We do not employ boring repetition or drill.

We do not rely on medications or herbal treatments.

We do not rely on instruction based on phonics.

We do not rely on physical devices such as coloured overlays or large print books.

The Ron Davis Perspective

Ron Davis

Having dyslexia is not a disease or a disability, but rather a gift you need to explore. People with dyslexia think in images rather than words, and therefore are very imaginative and creative. Their problem-solving skills usually are packed with a good vision of the situation, seeing the process from beginning to end rather than taking things step-by-step.

It is through these talents that the Davis Dyslexia Program helps you overcome your difficulties. The key to its success is the way it approaches learning.

Most teachers and schools focus on teaching the few ‘easy’ students who will pick up everything right away by reading a book. This only works for students who think text and words, and excludes those who react better to different methods. To solve this problem, the Davis methods focus on visual and meaning-based teaching which has proven to work better with dyslexic students.

By putting the student’s needs first, the Davis Dyslexia Correction method helps them learn faster, more effectively and with lasting results.

You can find extensive information about the program here:

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